EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 2022 cold pressed




Our 2022 extra virgin olive oil is a delicious, full-bodied olive oil, with a smooth buttery taste finishing with a hint of pepper on the back of the palette – a quality loved by chefs who recognise a fine olive oil.

Our extra virgin olive oil is always laboratory tested to ensure it is has ‘true’ extra virgin status – so not only does it taste fantastic, but has many health benefits also.

Enjoy this exquisite extra virgin olive oil on its own, dipped with crusty bread or in traditional Mediterranean dishes and salads.

We use it on simply everything we cook and prepare for our family each day because it adds depth and flavour to every dish ….and we know it is good for our health.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 250 cm

100ml, 250ml, 4 litre, 500ml


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