olive oil for skin

It is well known how important extra virgin olive oil is to a healthy diet; little wonder olive oil also has many benefits for our skin. For thousands of years olive oil has been revered for its ability to create and maintain a beautiful complexion. However today there are many compelling scientific findings supporting the benefits of olive oil to the skin. Quite simply, olive oil improves skin health.

Olea Europaea (olive oil) is a mono-unsaturated fat, rich in Oleic Acid and high in all-important Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. These primarily attack and destroy harmful free-radicals. Olive oil also contains natural sebum (a component of skin), plus vitamins A and K. Olive oil is extremely beneficial in slowing the ageing signs of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps treat minor skin wounds, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. For these reasons we have made extra virgin olive oil the basis of our 100% natural skin care range, Olive Skin Food.

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why olive skin food?

Olive Skin Food products are made with only pure and unrefined plant ingredients. The primary ingredient is Australia’s finest extra virgin olive oil. They are beautiful to use but  more than that, will help return moisture to the driest skin. Daily use will help resist the effects of ageing, restore suppleness and protect and soothe against sun and wind.  Olive Skin Food protects young… and not-so-young skins alike. We believe in providing the best for your body by using only natural, plant ingredients.

Each of our creams include valuable combinations of oils, butters, floral waters, vitamins, minerals, extracts and essential oils. The Olive Skin Food range offers the most effective product possible to maintain beautiful skin – naturally.

Our promise is that Olive Skin Food contains 100% plant ingredients in their formulations. No sulfates, parabens or chemicals have been used in their production. Our ingredients are sourced from verified sustainable plantations – even our palm oil. They have been tested only on our own skin, so you can feel safe and happy to use them and know you are truly caring for your body!

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